Valid-a letter to my younger self πŸ’›πŸ’›


Dear Baby Char,

I want you to know that are going to make people so so so proud. So proud! You are going to shine so so so bright.

Peer Pressure, Bullying, Social Media, comparison… Lovely, you’re going to face it all. But nobody has the right to tell you that you are not good enough because you deserve to be yourself. Make your voice heard, share your love. Life is too beautiful to hide yourself away.Β  Someone needs you, We value you, You are special.

There are going to be times in this beautiful mess of a life that your going to forget how precious you are. But place all your worth inΒ  the lord and not in what people think of you because the truth is, he is the pure substance of love. I will never give up on you, I want to hug you tight, tuck you up and stroke your hair while you drift off to sleep, dreaming of candy and unicorn fantasy land. You deserve to be an innocent young lady; eat ice cream in the pool while pretending that you’re a Disney princess, stay up late, laugh your head off at sleepovers while you smear chocolate cake all over your little face. Have fun without a care in the world.

Life is about more than hating your body after you’ve looked in a mirror for the fiftieth time that day. It’s about more than comparing yourself to models after endless Instagram scrolling. Your body is good enough just the way it is. The way your hair frizzes after your school sports day, The way your stomach may roll after a memory filled day at the beach, after a pizza while watching BGT with your family. Don’t strive to change it, don’t starve it, punish it, hate it. It’s your protection, your home, IT’S YOURS AND ONLY YOURS!!! It deserves to be looked after. It loves you.

Sooner or later, you will gather up the courage to go out into the world as YOU, Charlotte Kate The world needs you. Not the photoshopped, filtered, edited version. The girl who shows passion, the girl whoseΒ  eyes light up when she talks about something she loves, the authentic, Flawed, bubbly girl who can and WILL make a difference. So keep going!you’re gonna make it some day.

I love you,

Char xxx

4 thoughts on “Valid-a letter to my younger self πŸ’›πŸ’›

  1. I love this so much! If only you rly could send this to your past self! But you can do a favour for future you and do what little you would have wanted!
    P.s that photo is adorable!!

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