14 lessons,14 years//Lotts ♥️♥️

Hey Beautiful People!!!,

So as some of you lovelies know, this bean recently turned 14 which means I am supposedly more sensible…  if you know me,I will let you be the judge of that. Anyway, I’ve seen this done so manyyyyy times and I thought it would be fun. Little did I know,I was about to find out how embarrassing and cliché I was and still am to this day. From the sublime to the ridiculous, i compiled 14 lessons I’ve learnt in those 14 years. Here goes…..

  1. Do not shave off your eyebrow off to see what it would look like. Surprise surprise, it looks just like you’ve shaved your eyebrow and now you look stupid. I mean, if you’re going to do it, at least make it equal and shave the other one! 😉
  2. Do not pretend  to like something that you really hate just for the sake of fitting in; Seriously, it will not end well. And it’s not worth the embarrassment when someone finds out you’re bluffing and that you have no idea what you’re on about.
  3. There will never be another version of you! Make the most of that!;  Yes I know what you’re thinking, ” This is in every one of your blogs!!” Yeah, you’re right! It is but it’s Lotts tradition and simply has to be thrown in the mix. Really ponder this my darling, read this again and simply take this information in in a way that feels right for you. You are unique and that’s more than ok.
  4. Don’t eat playdough; OK, yep, enough said. Take note 2 year old Char.
  5. Don’t ignore advice from your parents;Now if my Mum and Dad are reading this, they’re probably having an “Charlotte Kate Beesley!I told you so!” moment behind their screens but  As much as this is cringe, it is TRUE!! Your parents have lived through pain, heartbreak, sadness and break ups too so take what they say and remember to guard your heart.
  6. Don’t wait for the perfect day to come; The truth is, no day is perfect and everyday has potential. Do not write a day off as a bad day. It will pass. Ride the waves. It’s ok.
  7. School is not actually a waste of time; Listen, take notes, revise. As someone who has way to much homework to do before next week, I understand your struggle. I have been there and i’m still in that place currently. I know school can be an emotionally hard experience for many people but it is also amazing and i’ve learnt so much not just accademically but emotionally, spiritually and creatively as well.
  8. It’s ok to ask for help: OK, admit it. You know me by now, you most likely knew that this was going to come up. Its absolutely amazing having someone to listen when you need it most and it is extremely beneficial. So my lovely, if life is getting you down, I understand. Please reach out to someone you love and trust. It does the world of good.
  9. Don’t Play Tag blind folded; It will end in tears and it will also be painful.
  10. Ending friendships isn’t Armageddon and you will not be lonely forever; Ending a friendship can often be heartbreaking and you will often need time to yourself to grieve and process, but it won’t all be doom and gloom forever. You’ll find a gem again, don’t worry yourself too much.
  11. Don’t fall on your face in front of famous people; Oh dear Char, this has happened one too many times hasn’t it….
  12. Read Regularly; As a Massive book nerd, this has always come naturally to me from a really young age but i cannot tell you how much I adore them! Escaping in to another world is such a break from reality.
  13. Teen relationships are not essential and often end in heartbreak 5 months later; Seeing the majority of my friends with boy/ girl friends at 12/13 initially made me jealous but they are not everything. If you are taken, Great!! if you’re not, ITS OKKKKKK!!
  14. It’s going to come out right!; keep going, keep praying, keep fighting. You’ll get there!

Big Love,



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